color my block

color my block Kept in never let out trap in a place that a rock is softer then where you at! Tell me any thing just to have your way! Black and Blue is the way I feel.Where is the rainbow in the sky that tell me why the rain is over so is my … More color my block

stolen dreams

stolen dreams Life has a way of stealing your dreams all the let downs, put downs ,rejection, disappointment,and most of all people telling you that you need to stop dreaming and come to the real world! Real world where dreams are dash your heart is broken people lie to you and say welcome to the … More stolen dreams


rude beginning! First time dating can be so awkward you don’t know jack about the person you meeting. Your mind tells you get the heck out of there.But you all ways fool your self that it may be different.And never the same because i’m with a different person! So what! If at the first look … More RUDE BEGINNING!

what is beef ?

what is beef? The world has adopted the word beef to mean that me and you is at odds or I don’t like you just plain and simple.But really no really BEEF is a part of the cow that you don’t use! Watch this:B.E.E.F. stands for backs ,ears,eyes,and feet of the cow!You have taken my … More what is beef ?

what next?

what next? all day long you sit in your nice office and spit out laws that even you don’t live by why you spend all your time in Washington where the fairy tale is much alive. let me flow on this one! Pick me i’m the because best one for the job! Yeah right! You … More what next?

drink the best!

drink the best! In my drinking years moonshine was the drink yes moonshine so much work goes in the making of this yeah,yeah you may say no one will drank that stuff! Well here’s one for the backwoods workers in the hills of america ! Your are my kind of people how you can take … More drink the best!