so smart but so dumb!!!

the squirrel is you!

so smart but so dumb!

Most people think they are so smart because they went to school pass with all honors went to a 4 year university and came out a master! But in this world common sense is most need! Most of them know how to do school but fail at life most can’t see that all their problem is themselves.You can cut me down with your witty word but you can’t figure out why no one really like you! because you are really dumb in the skill that is call people’s skills your people skills suck! your ideals suck! your phases suck! heck man you suck! but in your little mind i’m all right.but to the rest of us you are a real waste of 5 seconds of sex.Because we thought when they had sex it would at lease produce a real live person not a jackass! but if you feel that you read this in error?Fool you are on my page stupid!

the squirrel is you


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