Lets play!

let play! Lets play this game called realities! Don’t like to play games? yeah right! Lets peep your hand right now!Most be playing and don’t know they is in the game! You know boy meets girl boy say’s i love you only and girl said’s you is my only love!OK that’s boring!Let’s spice it up!Look … More Lets play!

Why so pushy?

why so pushy? Too slaps and a punch who are you feint try? Why so pushy?All the time you rate people below you to make your ego get a boost! Stop the press! time to handle this mess! To all that feel like me here’s your defense! First go in a slap-a-ton and if you … More Why so pushy?

blown chance!

blown chance all had one of these once awhile when you know that it will work out right but somehow you miss it or you talk to much or just did something so stupid that even you said ok I know I blew it!Now this is for the ladies.You gave him chance after chance and … More blown chance!

mind or matter

mind or matter 50 degrees lukewarm? Mind in mind time in time fine as wine now you are messing with my mind! See this point what is 50 degrees hot or cold man will never know! So matter or does it really matter listen and be kind mind in mind is motivate to all this … More mind or matter