run rabbit run

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
run rabbit run


Good day my readers if you look up at this you will get my point on this blog most people do one or the other they believe or lie and some rather believe a lie than the truth! But my point is why people who always lie about them self always is the ones that run away from facing the music or won’t take responsibility for the wrong mess they have made with their lying? Why most find it so easy to lie some lie for no damn reason every word comes out there mouth is a lie when they sleep they lie when they eat they lie hell when they fart they lie on someone else that they did it how this world was shape by a lie the first man fell for a lie and the rest is history we as people fell that a lie will get us out anything but all it dose is sink us deeper into shit! OK we all lie one time or another but you have some that never stop most on this internet tell and posts big lies about who they are what they got what they is into this web allow you to be what you want to be and they fall for that shit and become the lie they made up now that some shit! Watch this how blue is your eyes? Or how brown is your skin? How deep is your love ? How long can you hang? Is you down for a life time? When your azz is a rabbit none of this is in you all is there is how to lie my way in and to lie my way out! True person will not bullshit all the time most will be straight up about shit but a damn rabbit look out !


Silly rabbit your stupid azz got caught again that why your azz is in a pot of hot water! how many got a damn rabbit in your life or know a rabbit like this when you say something he have did it to. When you been somewhere he been there too. When you ate something hell he ate that too. Anything you do he already did you call him a know it all I call him a damn rabbit! Mind games yeah right that’s all a rabbit do is play silly games and give a rats azz about who they hurt just as long as they play their games well here to you Mr.or Mrs. rabbit look at this and be someone grass so the lawnmower can cut that azz!


Peace pastorvoice!


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