what next?

what next?

all day long you sit in your nice office and spit out laws that even you don’t live by why you spend all your time in Washington where the fairy tale is much alive. let me flow on this one! Pick me i’m the because best one for the job! Yeah right! You say i’m the best but really you are like the rest.Always in the most mess! Got your hand in something that always come back to bite you! But vote for you. Why if i need a clown mickey’s dee has one that no one play with! so why should i vote for some one who don’t give a flying flip about me. And one more thing if you tell me that you have my state in your plan and you never been to my city what the world you think i’m joe blow who don’t know that listen game know game and slick know oil and right now you are rocks neither party is telling the truth so why are you saying we are together when just four years ago you said f you and all your little food stamps receiving kids well me and food stamps kids will vote for more food and that’s not you this is you look at picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and April is not your name!

bring the noise!


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