pitching woo

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 pitching woo!     Well if you are looking at the picture then you might have and ideal of what Pitching Woo is! NO? Well here’s and very rough draft of “pitching woo” is!Back in the 1970 most men did a lot of pitching how they wore their pants so tight … More pitching woo

close up!

close up!     YOU la la so clean and so close better then most man I got to boast how in the morning you help me right after my french toast. From coast to coast when people look at you they will be crazy to call you gross.Why when you start from front to … More close up!

hate me why?

    Friday, January 25, 2013 hate me why?     Why WHY or why do you hate me? Never did I know you or did anything to you but you hate me why? You make me feel like I should have never been born.Or never been a part of society.No it’s not a black … More hate me why?

broken promise!

See i’m a man of many things but to have broken promises and pay my money for them now that piss me off! Now take a few minutes and read this and tell me don’t you agree with me here it go. When you go to buy a phone no matter what company it is … More broken promise!

what bull!

what bull! All the day long you deal with bull crap or bull shit if you feel it is best said like this. My take on the matter is most people is full of it they play games all the time and think that you is so dum or stupid you can’t see threw their … More what bull!

my personal hell

my personal hell!   Pain is life only way of tearing you down or breaking you up or ripping your heart out. people have just blown their head off or jump out windows or cut their wrist and all the doctors can say they are suicidal? But when is they going to realize that pain … More my personal hell