so close

so close Screaming in this land need to make a brave stand. Most movement goes in the favor of the bless and hell is for the rest. All my flight it’s me against the world! See all the time looking over my back wondering where the next knife coming from over and over it try … More so close


poor man destiny All in this world you think that you know how hard it is.But you don’t know! Here’s a look in a poor’s man life in the south! Tonight no rhymes just strait words with truth!How would you feel here on Christmas eve you look your child in the eye and say you … More POOR MAN DESTINY


show your self!   this is what you get! Truth or dare? Makes me totally aware that everywhere life is now and i’m there!Just see how will you still read after you see me.Yes picture tells a million tales on a life that now i’m going to propel in this life prison cell that say … More SHOW YOUR SELF!


lost for words canyoufindthem?Why would you say i’m lost for words but you still is talking.Try to give me some non-making sense of your mind!Ok watch I will find your words and read your mind! RUMRUM what in you mind comes this way that way you can’t say you can read my mind because you … More LOST FOR WORDS