need a clue!

need a clue!

Some people is so lost in their world that they is left behind in what really is happening! watch this let flow:knowledge is priceless stupidity has no pill to cure its ill.My place is to give them good taste on what to do because you don’t have a clue!Lost in love lost in feeling lost in happiness lost in mind but now its your time to shine! To all that feel like I don’t fit in! I”m on your side they call most people who spend most of their time trying to figure out what the heck is going on! My life never make sense or do I ever know which way that people my take what I say or do. So this is what the outcast :” say forget you who feel your so good and so right and so cute and so popular! here’s a clue if these’s nuts is on your chin then figure it out!” peace and in your mouth you most love one!


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