negativity so real!

negativity so real!

Most people is so negative that they stink! You try to be friendly all they try is to give slick answers and always a put down! so this one is for you! If you are down why talk about it if you only want some one to side with you or say something on your standard
If you stop with that fake greeting and that false smile maybe all that negativity would stop! But people is people and if they hurt they always hurt the people who had nothing to do with why you are hurting but because i’m hurting they must hurt some one else! Hey if your mind is in how much you can’t believe that most people is so negative and so caring or don’t see what you are feeling! How about use that same token when you is being such a dick! And never except that what comes around goes around! STOP HURTING YOUR FRIENDS THEY IS NOT THE PROBLEM! YOU ARE!
This is for all the people that all ways never has anything nice to say! and don’t fool your self that this is not me! Hell yes this is you! PEACE pastor’svoice

take this to heart!



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