slum lords!

slum lord!   Here we go again facing no home this mess make me go to war on slum lords! First they have the nerve to say they need their money for a house that they don’t do a dam thing to! And now when you say fix it or I won’t pay then they … More slum lords!

Faking the funk!

faking the funk!     These big oh bombs is not real sure someone paid for them but this is my take on faking the funk! So many people is not happy with the way they look! They will change anything they don’t like! Just look at Michael Jackson oh my bad you can’t! His … More Faking the funk!


K/Y jelly blues!   This is the disappointment you spend your money and get this sex changing jelly that make a good screw bad! You ask me how just think on these things! First you put this jelly on a kitty cat that all ready is wet then you have a ocean! That most would … More K/Y JELLY BLUES!