drink the best!

drink the best!

In my drinking years moonshine was the drink yes moonshine so much work goes in the making of this yeah,yeah you may say no one will drank that stuff! Well here’s one for the backwoods workers in the hills of america ! Your are my kind of people how you can take what corn sugar water and make friends to sit down and act like a plum fool! I can’t understand how this one nonlegal drank that do the same thing as the ones that is legal has no press no advertisement no big name to push it but just take a drank and see don’t it mess you up! want to fight most say brown whiskey no stump hole! this is what we call it where i’m from stump-hole why stump-hole because when you drank it,It stump a hole in your gut! Man that stuff burn the bejesus out of your mouth all the way down to your stomach! that’s why we stop drinking I could not handle it! so to all that drink! you can’t win no one ever beat the spirits because you drank it not it drank you so how can you win! SMOKE WEED HA HA HA legalize the weed and smoke the best and drank the rest! you are so stone toke up and blow your chance to ever having a good job you go! GET HIGH ON LIFE TRY IT IT IS THE BEST DRANK YOU EVER HAD! 


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