feel this

feeling this? This is to the couples: All men like to see how hot can we make you and not to be left standing up dry! We who have found out that most get wet when you mess with the little man in the boat.What boat ok let’s take a journey on your body girl … More feel this


D.O.L.L.S To all that have them well I’m a strong believer of this: Dolls or baby dolls is the most creepy things if you want me to run show me a baby doll It’s the way they move their eyes! Most men that came up in the time that baby dolls was the same size … More D.o.l.l.s

The plan

The plan! Life plan to simplicity is not simple in fact most is so lost we don’t know what to expect! LET’S look in and see! Today to you who read this and instantaneously” WOW BIG WORD” That word did not come out my brain! SPELL CHECK IS OFF THE CHAIN HOW COULD ANY BRAIN … More The plan


RED RED ? what is red I see in me or color it maybe? A flash of lighting or blood to anyone?But now you should know me and this is how it will be! Now RED stands for what? Reveal.Everyone’s. Division! Watch how this work it’s smooth! To reveal: means to open or to make … More RED

off in simplicity

off in simplicity! Time to just be real simple spit for your time!Me in this state of mind blowing threw this grind feeling mighty fine all you have is that kind that why I always say’s :Live your life by the line make sure that you got spine spinning by my mind so hot it … More off in simplicity