stolen dreams

stolen dreams

Life has a way of stealing your dreams all the let downs, put downs ,rejection, disappointment,and most of all people telling you that you need to stop dreaming and come to the real world! Real world where dreams are dash your heart is broken people lie to you and say welcome to the real world of stolen dreams! Most will say reach for the star dreams will come true.Then why is you hiding all my stars and trying to pipe my dreams! The sky is the limit when you stop moving my sky! Let my dreams be fulfill in its measured time that my purpose may still be mine.Life has its hands wrapped around my dreams and its squeeze is very tight! It don’t need your help to control my life! My parents never had my dreams in their mind only what they thought that their limits and their disappointment that they made into mine! Please listen to what this blog say! I’m 48 and in a few days 49 and the thing that was planted still steal mine! Live as close to your dreams because you don’t have much time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!peace pastorvoice!

where is my dreams


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