tried hiking and was lunch

Thursday, May 2, 2013
tried hiking and was the lunch

Well I was born in Elizabeth N.J most of my young life and the closet tree was in the park. And when we move to South Carolina the streets was in me and I did not care for any danm woods unless I was getting some booty in the rain in them or park in a car wearing out the back seat front seat hood and trunk the roof was not strong enough it would bend! But never went in them! So spending time here they hunt,fish,hike and do alot in the woods so my best friend who was white tried to help me to enjoy the woods! So he took me fishing first and me and worms did not make it the brown stuff that come out of it when you stick that hook in them did not smell to good! And the nats love it! So out on this big river all I did is see how far can I throw this hook and weight and it piss him off when the line broke he said put that danm reel-n-rod in the truck so that ended my fishing trip! Now hunting give me a gun and I trun in to a shooting fool trees, ground,cans,air but not and animal all my flesh came from grocery store! And to kill and skin and eat hell no! Usda stamp is not on them and mad cow shit happens what if there is crazy deer shit and I eat the deer and act like a deerchance missedSee this is crazy and I don’t like three somes! So I tried hiking and this was a very bad ideal! See I packed the family up and went to florence to a hiking trail we set down and ate a lunch that my wife put together and while we ate the mosquitos and biting flys came and we did not invite them so we ran and got some bites but that was not all we went on the trail and it was woodie and water and mud and I tried to acted like I was having fun until we got back to truck and there was a little brown bug on my wife so I flicked it off and went home low and behold there was more brown bug not only on her but on everyone these bugs was ticks and we was there lunch we had bugs in places that no bug should be! We had to pick bugs off and out and in spots the you don’t want a bug! Hell crabs you can kill but these blood drinking shits you can bust and they still move! Now I don’t try stuff that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing! I want to go camping but my wife said this “we are not meant to be in woods that why we got a danm house and I can kill all that come in!” So if any one is willing to teach me woods heck e-mail me and we will hook up! This is how those basters stop my woods look!73434-images-9 Brown Basters!


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