stupid things we say!








Sunday, May 5, 2013

stupid things we say!




Hey” ya’ll OK I get it we talk funny most of the time but sometime we do say some dumb stuff! Like who the hell is Bo”? Every brother calls every one BO” my name is Eddie not Bo”! Sweet cheeks did you taste my butt or lick my face how is my Cheeks sweet? Well I beg the differ what? No I’m begging you to have a different view at all heck! OK what is the heck I’m talking about Ya’ll know you don’t know “well bless your little heart”. Phases like that make us look lost at people. And we say in our mind what the hell is you talking about? Here’s another one we live in the boondocks. Is that a name for a city? Or as some town. Can I give you a lift? What can you pick me up man you can’t lift me I’m too heavy! Oh you mean can you give me a ride! Yeah cuz you can. Are you my cousin? Howdy Y’all OK this is crazy! First thing why are you puttin around! What is puttin around this just blow me! Don’t get me wrong it’s just some of the darnest thing we can say! Yes we use some silly words where I live but being from Jersey I had to get used to the talk here but I’m fixin in! Oh I’m fixin to! Now I know I have most lost at my words but this is the way they talk in Centerville S.C. A great place to settle down in but getting to know the people is bomb digaidy yes they say bomb digaidy! So let me just mosey along! He He just one more phase they used! OK ” My ear is itching some one is talking about me and it’s raining and the sun is out “man the devil is beating his wife with a frying pan! Yes all you need to stop lollygaggin And how is your momannem! Now with that word I know you are lost as hell now It got me too! I had to say WTF? When a bug bite you they said you are eat up! Hell no a damn bug bit me! And I’m still here do you see I’m not eat up! And which is it uptown or downtown not I’m going into the city! Well I’m going over yonda or yonder if I’m proper! Because you can bet your pea picking mind! Really can my mind really pick a pea? Last and the most used here I reckon you are right! Reckon reckon what the hell is that? Did any of you had some poon tang last night? Man that poon tang what so stank last night but it was good! Man you got the hebe-geebee’s Thats what alining you! I guess I got to fit in where I get in! Ok tot-tot for now peace to ya’ll pastorsvoice! DEAL WITH IT IT’S THE SOUTH AND THEY ARE PROUD OF IT!


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