What happen to music?

Let’s roll what happened to the music? It went from love to screw! How can we say that music is for all when it only talking about sex! Every song has only one thing in mind. People has stopped falling in love and all they want to do is give head and lick tail no one wants to have an fulfilling and lasting relationship why? What ever happened to love songs? No one wants to sing with meaning any more all they want to sing about is fake people doing fake azz things and stuff that me or you don’t want to hear about some things are meant to be private why would you sing about getting head or money that you don’t have! Sometimes the singer these days is so stupid because they act like they are balling but they are one hit want to be and never hear any song of substance why they can’t hold a note to the one’s that came before them! Most rap about how slack the women are that they deal with look at what they are singing about now just think if your girlfriend tell you to kiss her down low it makes her back bend! Now mostly men will say head first! Then I might kiss! Now you know that if it blows your mind this is not her first time maybe not her last but you bet assure it will be  one million that you kiss! When is we going to stop calling women bitches? And stop letting these one’s who only deal with bitches label our women that don’t do what their nasty azz heifers do! Some time they wonder why is they stealing their one song? Because you can’t make a good enough album to buy! All you see is cash right? that’s why they down load your mess so they don’t have to pay for crap! Yes I said most RAP IS FULL OF CRAP! They couldn’t hold a note if you pour ten notes down their throats and their sorry azz depend on it! Songs suppose to take you back when you knew you was the shit! Now days who give a shit about how you can drink and set the strip club up! Get broke they wouldn’t let your azz in no more how dumb is you if I come to my room and some girl jump out the tub she getting knock out! Why my oil checker been with me to long to have some tub jumper take my life and I don’t know you or never seen you before a real man will not screw a tub jumper the first time he see her that’s the ones who never had a women and think he will never get one or he’s the one that come on a show and talk about what he had not what he got! Listen real songs was in the 80’s and 90’s but after that all you get is some one who can’t stay out of jail long enough to see but they think they is hot! Yeah when they drop that soap in the shower their butt get hot then!peace pastorsvoice! this is a love song! look below and see!

can you sing like this to make your liver shake and hearts break nope all you know is soap on a rope!


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