ball of confusions

balls of confusions To: ReaderFrom :  PastorsvoicePage 1:To my delight I have looked inside and this is what I see{“pushing and tugging on my most inner response just to see if my life was worth a crap!Maybe i’m hard on myself, aren’t most people?This confuse’s` me listen::Over and over do i go wondering why no … More ball of confusions

come to see

come to see Come see what is there to see! Look real close and watch it come to view! They say you can’t see the forest for the trees. Right? Lets try these rules. See my structured test to see if it’s sound! View my roots as they go in the ground!.Deep in the earth … More come to see


smooth like silk   Feel a little smooth lets flow:Sweetness in hand take pictures in the sand warm and close ah the most i ever boast. Feeling smooth like silk these words flow just as you melt and blend again and again in my pool of smoothness.My greatness my world my passion thrill me til … More SMOOTH LIKE SILK

most top 2

most top 2 Most top 1 was lost see how my blogs connect last blog was about lost data is this your weave?So now you know what happen if not.Then read my last blog! Now most top 2.WTW this is what is call most top.Do you know what that mean?Most Facebook,Google,twitter,G-Mail,Yahoo users will say ‘What … More most top 2

A mother’s pa…

A mother’s pain two sons This is a painful blog to write.First to my Google + friend Amber D. best wishes thru her time of pain.Now this is a real life blog,Just in my own words.Hear the pain that insert it’s self in my life.How you tell a mother that life order has change for … More A mother’s pa…

black crow

the black crow   The black crow LISTEN TO MY FEARS: Deep in my hour of confusion this vision appeared a big black crow in flight he fly so high that he blocks the sun.Pushing me in darkness that I never felt before! Shaking and scared in my mind feeling like this blackness is my … More black crow