why crumbs and not the cookie?

15 Feb

Sunday, February 15, 2015
why crumbs and not the cookie?



Ok I do caution you because some words may be not what you will think that I would write but they
was already on the image so get mad at or feel what you will but this is the way it’s really spoken but
not by me but by the mouths of them that do speak this so here’s my part on these things ok! Well
lets roll! After reading some one post on google plus I just had to blog about it. Why in the world
when some have it all good life good partner good times and they trade it all in for crumbs and then talk about how bad the crumbs is? Remember it just a fraction of what was not what it can’t be but what it was SMH! You talk a good game but when it time to play you can’t hang why because you are blinded by what your eyes see not what really happening! Many will say I want a sensitive person who understands their feeling one who cries with their pain and understand how they feel! But you
say this but you always pick this


Why do you cry about how bad it is when you know that you will not can not change this but you
come to the game like a cheerleader and when your team loses you say that’s ok we get them next
time bull bull bull you won’t why because you pick losers and you will always lose listen when
you settle for crumbs you only get pieces and wish for a cookie but a cookie is not what you want
because us cookies is counted as weak to soft because we don’t black your eye or screw your best friend or lie to you at every word that flows from our mouth! A good person is like a endanger species you have killed us off with all you crap that you bring because this has hurt you when thisĀ is all you is used to having in your life! I might not get to many hits on this because no one wants
the truth anymore so I leave you this fake thought because you will never get these two in the person who you pick so STOP PLAY YOURSELF AS A FOOL AND RUN WHEN THIS IS COMING!


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bad saturday night

1 Feb

Sunday, February 1, 2015
bad saturday night

bad day3

Hey hey i’m back to tell you about a saturday night that went not as planed listen names has been change to protect the ones that had a bad saturday night well it starter with 8 guys that felt like they was the best at all we ran together we ate together we did a lot together but on this night we got our butt kicked by a big family call the macks! Lets go back to 7:00 that night all was drinking, smoking
and doing lines of drugs and back then the drugs made you ten feet tall and bullet proof as we thought
after getting blizzed we said we was going to the windmill club a well known hot spot on saturday night we was known to take someone woman and bang them in the parking lot of the club or around the field in back of the club so we get in the club partying our butts off when two of our boys get these two sisters to go with them to the car so we just knew tonight we all will score! Two more got cousin of the two sisters bam! We half way the song all ways and forever came on slow drag time! Yeah boy!
Two more cousin was introduced to two more of the gang so that left me and ernest who did not have a lady yet but it didn’t took long after the song we had to of the ladies who had a car so me and him
pile in with these two ladies and start our good time never get caught with your pants down remember that!

bad day2

All of us had members of the macks family but little did we knew what part of the family we had
oh boy here goes the neighborhood!Two of our crew had wives of these macks four had daughters of the macks me and ernest had bride and bride mate butt naked in the car of the groom and his best friend who was the brides mate boyfriend! These people came out 35 people strong and had out 8 fools back in a parking lot with no where to run now the ladies left us out there and haul butt on us
so the drugs we was on fooled us that we can handle this not knowing that the club was rented by the macks and all that was mostly in the club was the macks and their family so we started to talk real
junk to them lose lips sink ships and ours just got 35 holes in it and counting!

bad day

These people beat the breaks off of us man they was punching and kick us like we was in a boxing slash football game man as we ran down the road like bees they flew on us and we wore that tail cutting like a flag but a dog will lick his wounds and be ready for the next one HA HA YES I GOT MY BUTT TORE UP ON THIS NIGHT peace pastorvoice!
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if it ain’t about the money

11 Jan

Saturday, January 10, 2015
if it ain’t about the money!


moneyHappy New Year yeah! Oh my bad the year been started ok i’m a day late and a dollar short! Wow funny how this saying fits this blog! Feeling good ready to write let’s see what will happen tonight!
I found a good book called “The Generosity Ladder” it is a financial book I know no book can make
you or break you but whether we want to or not money is a great part of our life its is the gas in the car you know you can have a car and the car maybe so beautiful clean and sporty nice rims and tires
you can sit in it all day but if it don’t have gas you are just sitting there same as a person with no money we just sit and watch the ones who have it go by. Funny we say money don’t make me I make
the money this is so not true watch my point! We work or hustle or steal or borrow or beg to get it and when we get it it make us change you can be piss poor in spirit give that person enough money
and watch how happy they get! People say money is the root of all evil but being broke bring just as evil why they rob car jack bum rush other crack heads sell their kids food stamp,toys,even the kids themselves look at this picture below and read what it is saying ok here it goes!


What is the score now the haves have it and the have not don’t so are you rich or not money do make
us happy its a girl best friend a man back bone a kid delight grandma medicine and grandpa moonshine you need it to just make it as the song say “if it ain’t about the money don’t be blowing me up” Ha Ha cool song but here is my last words on this matter get busy this year and get to the next level and picture this in your mind! peace pastorsvoice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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deep in my soul

30 Dec

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
deep in my soul


Who will wipe my tears? What will break my fears? In a day it will be a new year! Every one make these clams on how to be better.How to do better but in realty the one thing change is the year the same demon come right back if you don’t get together and try to just love! They always say you hurt
because you been hurt but that is not true most hurt because it makes them feel powerful or in control
or to promote fear in some one who cares about someone who is just using them! The ones who do the hurting will boast about how they can’t be weak just to care! Most men won’t show that they care because to them it make you weak or gay! Well i’m straight but one thing I can say the gay mens show there mates how much they care and the only thing most men can say is they got sugar in their tank but at the end of the day love always find them why they do care! Don’t toot your horn women because you have become as cold as most men you are beginning to do the same thing you fight so
hard to stop from happening to you but you do the same! Wow how fickle is womens and then you have the balls to say there is no good men anymore! Why should a man be good when the woman is up to no good?HAPPY NEW YEARS RIGHT? When it gets happy i’ll let you know Ok you tell me I’m happy do you care about the ones you hurt just to think how happy you are? look below and think


Now who will change this year? Who will make a difference?Who would just for once stop just thinking of themselves! And just show anyone some real love not that lip love but from the soul!


This year is in your hand make a difference in someones life just leave a mark of love not hate my
rant is over I bid you peace pastorvoice!
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welcome to reality

26 Dec

Friday, December 26, 2014
welcome to reality!


Welcome to the real zone where no bull is allowed today is the day to see things as they really is.
No dreams no looking over the facts no wishes no hopes and no stupidity! Just the facts ok! How
many of us wait by the phone waiting on some one to call you or text you when somewhere deep in the back of your mind you just know that they is not going to call but you fool yourself that they will!
How many time you know that if you keep on doing the I’m so slick game that I’m playing two people and no one knows you feels like i’m so smart that they will never catch me. How about this
you are giving some money for a bill but you see something you want you tell yourself that i can replace it and in the back of your head you know you can not replace water to a filled bottle but you


All the broken promises and no effort not even trying but always lying even fooling yourself that you
did is about to blow up on you today! Why look in the mirror when you will not believe what you see? What good is it to ask for advice when you already know you don’t listen to jack? How can you
say that you are true when you can’t even be true to your own self wow how mess up the humans really is! We have fake the funk for so long that even we ourself believe a lie and then get mad when
you are lied to! THESE four letters we don’t have no more value in anymore and what is these words?


How come these four letters cause so much effect on your life just look and realize that when
you say these words how much of it is really true!
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holidays blues

15 Dec

Monday, December 15, 2014
holidays blues!


Hey to all my readers tis the season to be jolly! Are you serious? Listen tis the season to get stuff straight! Some may have a lot of reason to be jolly but some of us got some serious stuff to get straight! Did any one of you had a mate that didn’t deserve a kick in the butt but they got their
hand out like I been there for you all year? Or you know that you is not getting jack crap from
these people but they ask what are you getting me for christmas?You need to say don’t let me tell
you but show you and then haul off and chop there fake butt in the throat! Most people think this is
the time to used the heck out of you to get a present.Don’t get me wrong this was the happy time of
the year for me until two years ago! This is the way I feel like some one who looks like this


Giving to people who don’t give a crap about you leave you drunk and alone! What pressure it puts on you when you got more month than money! And all you see is what you want to give but can’t afford it.Because you spent all your money on someone else! Wow how do the mighty fall ho ho hold up!When its gets so bad that you have to get a loan to pay christmas you need to think how jolly is january when this bill is due! So merry christmas to all and to all GET RIGHT! OH P.S THIS IS MY FACE FOR CHRISTMAS!


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a day in the mountains!

14 Dec

Saturday, December 13, 2014
a day in the mountain!


A day in the mountains do you see how beautiful the sun set or sun rise is which ever floats you boat!
But getting back to my point this describes the day I had man me and my baby took a road trip! For those who is still in the 70’s road trip means no drugs no imaginary people no bad trips no mushrooms LSD or good weed did say i didn’t smoked none but not that type of trip! Anyway we meet a beautiful person and their baby and spent a very nice time but this got me my baby showed her butt watch this she raged on me all day long she showed her butt i wanted to just punch her in
her throat all who had a day like that you know what I mean But this person took my mind off knocking my baby out! LOL But listen she was so amazing and interesting I just felt so at home


First date ok was so scary why because you are wondering if they like you or if you look good enough or do they like you or not it was so crazy because the first date never goes like that picture trying to showing it is not that easy you want to grab them and just hold them but you know that they
just might punch you in the face right yo! But you leave wondering if they had a good enough time
to see you again? How many been there if you did give your self two snaps and a twirl! Now you are left like this picture says look below!


Because until they call you back a lot goes threw your mind but you know me I have to leave you this if you are in doubt call them out and see what that day was all about little rhyme there peace pastorvoice!
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