the price for freedom!

The price for freedom!

This is a short flow about freedom here today but left for tomorrow most get it and alot don’t hold me down check my pockets tell me to freeze do you think i’m ready to give up my freedom! To the death to the last if you want me you must blast from you past to stop my freedom! Its my place to take this race to the place where we must face all the disgrace that this block make! Tag the wall put you mark to show all that when you walk the walk no man can stop your heart! What is my price for fame to have a good name in this game of cat and mouse get the cheese to ease your degrees of these that breeze in the light guess what not to night my price for freedom don’t ask cause you should know its your LIFE now pay up! Before you get got why freedom is hot hot hot and your life is not not not! protest and keep the fight because freedom will cost you your life! peace.Image


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