rude beginning!

First time dating can be so awkward you don’t know jack about the person you meeting. Your mind tells you get the heck out of there.But you all ways fool your self that it may be different.And never the same because i’m with a different person! So what! If at the first look you bring that same judgement! You will never change how do you expect that your date will change! When you bring that same nasty,stank,stupid,and dumb negative way that you must be right and you never accepting a person for who he or she is! yeah,yeah,yeah, it not your fault that you are a real ass-wipe and who cares how you was dump! This was suppose to be me and you on this date not your whole non-working life with people who you don’t like and you know them what make you think that we who is on the other side of table give a rats nuts about them! More over lets leave both of the non-working relationship out and do this you are looking for happiness me too! Cut threw all the lies you just said and tell me what the heck you want and if it in the cards it will be but if it not in cards guess what NEXT DATE BECAUSE THIS ONE IS OVER! NEXT DATE PLEASE!

now what?


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