color my block

color my block

Kept in never let out trap in a place that a rock is softer then where you at! Tell me any thing just to have your way! Black and Blue is the way I feel.Where is the rainbow in the sky that tell me why the rain is over so is my pride.The fields is ripe with the color of life but on my block its dark brown because all your action is draining all the life force out my block no trust no love no emotion just wishing that it was over but it just begun some one please come color my block again:Color My Block means come and get in my life and take my pain feeling so dark that color don’t have any meaning any more. Not people but my heart has left all it’s red blood to be transparent where you can look strait threw me.Only you can save my block if you bring all your color of life in my block every little thing will be alright! turn my grey to a bold neon blue take my emotion and hold my hand because I need just someone to care.This is why my block need color there’s a vacancy love don’t live here anymore need the brightness of your smile will make my block be worth while to live one more day and to hear you say you are my ace of spade but you shine like a diamond was a piece but now whole love someone until you grow old! Color my block that all I got! peace pastorvoice

no color!


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