no more polite

Why call me friend when you know you don’t give a rip about me why say hello when you know that you can care less? I’m sick of fake ones on my page always trying to act like they is on your side and really know i don’t give a flying flip about you! They know at first that they don’t want to be a friend all they want to be is nosey they surf your page looking for anything to just disagree on just so they can explode into a save a nigga plan they give the most stupid response to a post that never was talking to them to begin with ! Why post patrol ? Who hired you to place any post on our page yes the web is free but my page is not ! Who ask you to sit behind your little tablet or your wal-mart phone and act like you are ballin? Putting places up that you just when to but act like you be there all the time! Stop you window shopping and get a life!
Why is it like this what is your reason to be on our page if you don’t like what is said why can’t you do like the rest of us scroll pass and just say that’s not for me. But no you have to put you two cents in where only a dollar bill is flowing and you float your two cent mind in and when no one agree’s with you then you try to diss all but you really get all pissed now i’m giving you notice window shoppers is the lowest this is my last line but before I go peep this below

Stop trying to act like you care about any race because your race is called HATERS peace pastorsvoice


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