why crumbs and not the cookie?

Sunday, February 15, 2015
why crumbs and not the cookie?



Ok I do caution you because some words may be not what you will think that I would write but they
was already on the image so get mad at or feel what you will but this is the way it’s really spoken but
not by me but by the mouths of them that do speak this so here’s my part on these things ok! Well
lets roll! After reading some one post on google plus I just had to blog about it. Why in the world
when some have it all good life good partner good times and they trade it all in for crumbs and then talk about how bad the crumbs is? Remember it just a fraction of what was not what it can’t be but what it was SMH! You talk a good game but when it time to play you can’t hang why because you are blinded by what your eyes see not what really happening! Many will say I want a sensitive person who understands their feeling one who cries with their pain and understand how they feel! But you
say this but you always pick this


Why do you cry about how bad it is when you know that you will not can not change this but you
come to the game like a cheerleader and when your team loses you say that’s ok we get them next
time bull bull bull you won’t why because you pick losers and you will always lose listen when
you settle for crumbs you only get pieces and wish for a cookie but a cookie is not what you want
because us cookies is counted as weak to soft because we don’t black your eye or screw your best friend or lie to you at every word that flows from our mouth! A good person is like a endanger species you have killed us off with all you crap that you bring because this has hurt you when this is all you is used to having in your life! I might not get to many hits on this because no one wants
the truth anymore so I leave you this fake thought because you will never get these two in the person who you pick so STOP PLAY YOURSELF AS A FOOL AND RUN WHEN THIS IS COMING!


Posted by eddie martin at 8:03 AM


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