bad saturday night

Sunday, February 1, 2015
bad saturday night

bad day3

Hey hey i’m back to tell you about a saturday night that went not as planed listen names has been change to protect the ones that had a bad saturday night well it starter with 8 guys that felt like they was the best at all we ran together we ate together we did a lot together but on this night we got our butt kicked by a big family call the macks! Lets go back to 7:00 that night all was drinking, smoking
and doing lines of drugs and back then the drugs made you ten feet tall and bullet proof as we thought
after getting blizzed we said we was going to the windmill club a well known hot spot on saturday night we was known to take someone woman and bang them in the parking lot of the club or around the field in back of the club so we get in the club partying our butts off when two of our boys get these two sisters to go with them to the car so we just knew tonight we all will score! Two more got cousin of the two sisters bam! We half way the song all ways and forever came on slow drag time! Yeah boy!
Two more cousin was introduced to two more of the gang so that left me and ernest who did not have a lady yet but it didn’t took long after the song we had to of the ladies who had a car so me and him
pile in with these two ladies and start our good time never get caught with your pants down remember that!

bad day2

All of us had members of the macks family but little did we knew what part of the family we had
oh boy here goes the neighborhood!Two of our crew had wives of these macks four had daughters of the macks me and ernest had bride and bride mate butt naked in the car of the groom and his best friend who was the brides mate boyfriend! These people came out 35 people strong and had out 8 fools back in a parking lot with no where to run now the ladies left us out there and haul butt on us
so the drugs we was on fooled us that we can handle this not knowing that the club was rented by the macks and all that was mostly in the club was the macks and their family so we started to talk real
junk to them lose lips sink ships and ours just got 35 holes in it and counting!

bad day

These people beat the breaks off of us man they was punching and kick us like we was in a boxing slash football game man as we ran down the road like bees they flew on us and we wore that tail cutting like a flag but a dog will lick his wounds and be ready for the next one HA HA YES I GOT MY BUTT TORE UP ON THIS NIGHT peace pastorvoice!
Posted by eddie martin at 6:49 AM


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