if it ain’t about the money

Saturday, January 10, 2015
if it ain’t about the money!


moneyHappy New Year yeah! Oh my bad the year been started ok i’m a day late and a dollar short! Wow funny how this saying fits this blog! Feeling good ready to write let’s see what will happen tonight!
I found a good book called “The Generosity Ladder” it is a financial book I know no book can make
you or break you but whether we want to or not money is a great part of our life its is the gas in the car you know you can have a car and the car maybe so beautiful clean and sporty nice rims and tires
you can sit in it all day but if it don’t have gas you are just sitting there same as a person with no money we just sit and watch the ones who have it go by. Funny we say money don’t make me I make
the money this is so not true watch my point! We work or hustle or steal or borrow or beg to get it and when we get it it make us change you can be piss poor in spirit give that person enough money
and watch how happy they get! People say money is the root of all evil but being broke bring just as evil why they rob car jack bum rush other crack heads sell their kids food stamp,toys,even the kids themselves look at this picture below and read what it is saying ok here it goes!


What is the score now the haves have it and the have not don’t so are you rich or not money do make
us happy its a girl best friend a man back bone a kid delight grandma medicine and grandpa moonshine you need it to just make it as the song say “if it ain’t about the money don’t be blowing me up” Ha Ha cool song but here is my last words on this matter get busy this year and get to the next level and picture this in your mind! peace pastorsvoice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by eddie martin at 8:58 PM


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