deep in my soul

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
deep in my soul


Who will wipe my tears? What will break my fears? In a day it will be a new year! Every one make these clams on how to be better.How to do better but in realty the one thing change is the year the same demon come right back if you don’t get together and try to just love! They always say you hurt
because you been hurt but that is not true most hurt because it makes them feel powerful or in control
or to promote fear in some one who cares about someone who is just using them! The ones who do the hurting will boast about how they can’t be weak just to care! Most men won’t show that they care because to them it make you weak or gay! Well i’m straight but one thing I can say the gay mens show there mates how much they care and the only thing most men can say is they got sugar in their tank but at the end of the day love always find them why they do care! Don’t toot your horn women because you have become as cold as most men you are beginning to do the same thing you fight so
hard to stop from happening to you but you do the same! Wow how fickle is womens and then you have the balls to say there is no good men anymore! Why should a man be good when the woman is up to no good?HAPPY NEW YEARS RIGHT? When it gets happy i’ll let you know Ok you tell me I’m happy do you care about the ones you hurt just to think how happy you are? look below and think


Now who will change this year? Who will make a difference?Who would just for once stop just thinking of themselves! And just show anyone some real love not that lip love but from the soul!


This year is in your hand make a difference in someones life just leave a mark of love not hate my
rant is over I bid you peace pastorvoice!
Posted by eddie martin at 12:07 PM


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