welcome to reality

Friday, December 26, 2014
welcome to reality!


Welcome to the real zone where no bull is allowed today is the day to see things as they really is.
No dreams no looking over the facts no wishes no hopes and no stupidity! Just the facts ok! How
many of us wait by the phone waiting on some one to call you or text you when somewhere deep in the back of your mind you just know that they is not going to call but you fool yourself that they will!
How many time you know that if you keep on doing the I’m so slick game that I’m playing two people and no one knows you feels like i’m so smart that they will never catch me. How about this
you are giving some money for a bill but you see something you want you tell yourself that i can replace it and in the back of your head you know you can not replace water to a filled bottle but you


All the broken promises and no effort not even trying but always lying even fooling yourself that you
did is about to blow up on you today! Why look in the mirror when you will not believe what you see? What good is it to ask for advice when you already know you don’t listen to jack? How can you
say that you are true when you can’t even be true to your own self wow how mess up the humans really is! We have fake the funk for so long that even we ourself believe a lie and then get mad when
you are lied to! THESE four letters we don’t have no more value in anymore and what is these words?


How come these four letters cause so much effect on your life just look and realize that when
you say these words how much of it is really true!
Posted by eddie martin at 8:04 AM


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