holidays blues

Monday, December 15, 2014
holidays blues!


Hey to all my readers tis the season to be jolly! Are you serious? Listen tis the season to get stuff straight! Some may have a lot of reason to be jolly but some of us got some serious stuff to get straight! Did any one of you had a mate that didn’t deserve a kick in the butt but they got their
hand out like I been there for you all year? Or you know that you is not getting jack crap from
these people but they ask what are you getting me for christmas?You need to say don’t let me tell
you but show you and then haul off and chop there fake butt in the throat! Most people think this is
the time to used the heck out of you to get a present.Don’t get me wrong this was the happy time of
the year for me until two years ago! This is the way I feel like some one who looks like this


Giving to people who don’t give a crap about you leave you drunk and alone! What pressure it puts on you when you got more month than money! And all you see is what you want to give but can’t afford it.Because you spent all your money on someone else! Wow how do the mighty fall ho ho hold up!When its gets so bad that you have to get a loan to pay christmas you need to think how jolly is january when this bill is due! So merry christmas to all and to all GET RIGHT! OH P.S THIS IS MY FACE FOR CHRISTMAS!


Posted by eddie martin at 7:55 AM


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