a day in the mountains!

Saturday, December 13, 2014
a day in the mountain!


A day in the mountains do you see how beautiful the sun set or sun rise is which ever floats you boat!
But getting back to my point this describes the day I had man me and my baby took a road trip! For those who is still in the 70’s road trip means no drugs no imaginary people no bad trips no mushrooms LSD or good weed did say i didn’t smoked none but not that type of trip! Anyway we meet a beautiful person and their baby and spent a very nice time but this got me my baby showed her butt watch this she raged on me all day long she showed her butt i wanted to just punch her in
her throat all who had a day like that you know what I mean But this person took my mind off knocking my baby out! LOL But listen she was so amazing and interesting I just felt so at home


First date ok was so scary why because you are wondering if they like you or if you look good enough or do they like you or not it was so crazy because the first date never goes like that picture trying to showing it is not that easy you want to grab them and just hold them but you know that they
just might punch you in the face right yo! But you leave wondering if they had a good enough time
to see you again? How many been there if you did give your self two snaps and a twirl! Now you are left like this picture says look below!


Because until they call you back a lot goes threw your mind but you know me I have to leave you this if you are in doubt call them out and see what that day was all about little rhyme there peace pastorvoice!
Posted by eddie martin at 8:55 PM


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