do you miss this

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
do you miss this?

hold me

So many take love for granted they are so quick to get the cookies but never drank the milk.
You never know how much you miss true love until it’s gone!Most will say I happy being single
but on that star lit night when no one is there to hold you or watch how most will say ok to this a cold rainy night when the house is toasty a good love movie is on the tube and you see them holding each
other but you is all alone that’s when it hits you how nice it be when all is right in relationship! Not
that joker you meet at the bar who just want to see what kind of panties you are wearing but the one that makes you really go off in a trance just thinking about the way they smell the way they touch you the way they smile the way they look how they hold you how all their attention is on you and you only do you feel me on this one? Alot of us have sex so long that they can’t remember what love really is anymore!Are there any real lovers anymore?Or just a lot of people who just want sex!


hold me 3

How many can relate to this just spending quality time to just enjoy each other to be happy
When was the last time someone just looked into your eyes hold you close and said I LOVE YOU?
Or when was the last time you two just took a long walk and enjoyed each other ok you think your
life alone is so great but I can tell you this if love was in this world we would not have so much
hate and distrust what happen to us as people who care about each other we have become a loveless
nation of strangers!

hold me 2

Try this peace pastorsvoice
Posted by eddie martin at 2:17 PM


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