represent me!

Saturday, November 22, 2014
Represent me!


Really ask your self ladies what do you want in a man? This is the question of this blog! Years ago most women had a man who had two families lived two life’s never was trusted because it was said that is a man! And a lot of women hated that statement right? because it gave the man the right to cheat! Now days the same thing you women hate is the same you do! Men are dogs you say but you dog men too! They cheat you cheat they lie you lie so how is it that you don’t like this about a man but you do the same now do you hate what you have become? Ok just look at me at tell me what you see?


Most just see a black man who might rob me most see a man who has no future most see someone i can’t trust most see a un-dependable man again most will say he look alright or that is one ugly dude but no one see the love and trust that this person has to offer lets face it men do not have a good track record and a BLACK MAN has a bad rap that he don’t take care of his family! Ok that might have been true for some but more black men has broke that mold we watch our black woman act like what they say they hate and we have stepped up because so many of us grow up with out a father in our life! So a good black man not the crazy azz fool who most black women go after! They get a bad boy or a thug and wonder why he treat me so bad? REALLY REALLY he don’t care for himself how do you think he care for you! Time for the real black man to stand up and break that bad rap that most men is showing and if you women stop and think how bad the man is treating you look at your daughters and think how bad they will be treated if you keep a bad boy in your life that don’t give a rats azz about no one!


No bad boy not a gang banger nor a sugar daddy listen yes the candy store is open but we is all out of suckers! No more will a good man be treated like crap! MY WORDS PEACE PASTORSVOICE!
Posted by eddie martin at 4:12 PM


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