on and poppin

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
on and poppin!


7030e-20141115_084817Flowing is a term I use to say when I’m focus on my grind! See it’s time because I started again from the bottom but never scared to move forward you can’t let people change your flow if you do then you are a fake person because you are what someone else see you as listen to this flow right here!
I’m searching for a new love been alone to long but as time past won’t just let some one pull me down to where they are if you don’t want anything so what I do! How is your life is it just a blunt and brew? Ladies if he don’t show you 100% attention drop his azz why because he is not your KING!A court jester is easy to have why fun and games is good in school but this is life baby let get it! Read this one on how you should get this life because life is too short to do bad you don’t need help to do bad!


Ok now you under stand if they are not here for life subtract them from your Rolodex ha ha I know they hate this but why should time be wasted on a part time love? They don’t know why that’s just what I do I’m just honest! check this one out and tell me how to roll?


c3b7a-grind1Haters beware this is my time to shine and you can’t stop this flow go ahead run in this brick wall and commit suicide! Just trading my life for you! one more and this is the clicker for today! peace pastorsvoice!

Posted by eddie martin at 6:47 AM


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