trading my life

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
trading my life


Ok most will say i’m not trading my life for any thing but if you really look at it we do every day!
How hard is it to just care about the way someone else feeling and not just our own? Wow hard
right? Listen we have been played so much that we feel like no one can be trusted and we will say
i’m just going to play because no one going to play me! These is the kind of people that would turn
a good person bad! This is why so much hurt is between couples and relationships never last!
Every one thinks they are being played! And no one believes the truth any more they would believe
a lie first before they believe the truth! Sure you have people who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them! but this is one thing I know most men would give up there life for this! look below


or for this and don’t you men lie! Just think how much this would change things in your life?


but they just don’t realize a lot of trust come with a woman like this and most don’t have that trust
so all they do is treat them like meat on a buffet line get all you want but you can’t take it home
with you! See we feel like if it look good it is but most will find out that all that looks good is
the worst pain you can ever have! but one thing all give up there life for and its here look at this


ready to have one of my own how about you? peace pastorsvoice! yeah its on and poppin!

Posted by eddie martin at 10:00 AM


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