are we so different?

Sunday, October 19, 2014
are we so different


are we so much into our self that we can’t see that if I cut you you bleed some stuff that is red or if I punch you in the face it hurts or you get a drug behind a truck we come apart? You may look different in the face you might be a fat azz person or so skinny that if you fart you move three inches
forward at the end of the day we all is the same most will disagree but watch this when every one go to the shower you don’t take a dump! OPS my bad some did lol! But that is beside the point! In life we put the difference in between us but really there is none watch this

different people 2

See we always have some people that we just don’t give a rats azz about any more but this is one
thing to remember sometimes the ones you diss is the ones you just might need !OK onward James! Always wanted to say that but you don’t realize how we ourselves put the different in between people! Ok if my words did nothing for you then this will just read the last thing I place here and
you be the judge?

different people 3

so still are you so different? Get back at your boy! peace pastorsvoice

Posted by eddie martin at 6:04 PM


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