i woke up like this

Monday, October 13, 2014
I woke up like this

horny 1

This is a bad way to wake up all my hormones is going crazy why I haven’t had sex in a year and some months ok its easy for you women to say so what because you have a sex shut off thing that you are good at! You can go for years with out it! But us MEN have more to deal with see we have two heads that is telling us its time to do something. If you don’t you will see the little head waking you up each morning! See us men is control by something you women don’t understand WE NEED TO RELEASE THE PRESSURE most say use your hand but that don’t do shit for me how can us men think we can fool our other head with our hand? Its not a breast or legs or the cookie it is a damn hand your own hand!
This is crazy to wake up like this all the time most say go fix the problem with someone I LOVE ME!
And too much is out there I don’t want my other head to fall off! SMH someone will take this off me
but they will have to know it is for life not just a night!See how crazy i am look at this


see to me this look like the cookies oh boy do I love some cookies! but it is not it is a damn lamp!
See how our mind is we look at this all the time 24/7 its on our mind we can’t function right until we get the cookies! So how we deal most become a hoe! They bang anything that move call them a dog but was not what your friend said last night he was GO DADDY! OPS My bad you thought if you cut them off it will get what you want! It might work sometime but it runs men to be dogs! Listen take it from a good man give up the cookies! The more cookies he eat lol and get it will stop him from wanting other cookies!


This is the best way to know that he is not a cookie monster bang his brains out before he leaves catch his azz at lunch then before he eat bang his azz again pretty soon he will say boo what wrong? And you say these cookies you can only eat this one ha ha go get him girls! peace pastorsvoice
Posted by eddie martin at 8:32 AM


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