chasing a dream

Thursday, October 9, 2014
chasing a dream
Chasing a dream

lost child3

This beautiful child did not ask to come to this world but by the action of two people she is here! Now the chase begins all my life I tried to fit in never quite making it each day I wonder why me and my brother and two sisters was never close I been a good boy trying to get their love but never
Feeling the same love back all my life I did what I thought would please them if they stole something I stole they drank I tried to they smoked I smoked being the baby every one of my older family I looked up to but one day I got molested by one of them and they went on like all was good my world change I been chasing a real family ever since never felt like I belong so I did my best to find this thing you call family but each time I feel that this is it some how it gets taken away by the ones I felt love me how can they never show love that made you felt safe and warm? How that is?

lost child 2

Many days this is my face and even now as old as I am these demons haunt me all I ever got was
Now that my life is half way over I find my self still not having a true love to call my own! Every-
one think that someone is playing them so they play never noticing that your love is real Who
cares about love I do! Love is why we is here! Some one love made us so why is it so hard to
show the same? This is a small look in to my life of pain yeah yeah I know we all been there
right? No tell me who my family is and where I come from then you might be able to fill these

lost child

peace pastorsvoice!
Posted by eddie martin at 6:44 PM

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