negative people SMH!

Monday, October 6, 2014
negative people smh!


This is the words you don’t want to hear! What is it? NEGATIVE !DON’T FORGET TO PUT PEOPLE WITH IT! Most people think that they have all the answers to any problem! But with their talk they do more damage they good why they are so negative all the time never saying any thing to make you feel like you got any thing! ALL WAYS what you is doing is never good enough if you know some one like this give a plus!Back to these people all the time never with you or want you do better then they want you to be. IT GET CRAZY! How can you always be a azzhole?Tell me this if your car is blue why would they say you should have got a red one? They is not doing a damn thing for you but bringing you down!Don’t yell just sever them a dose of get you azz right!Why if you got hard times they are happy why you is their new paper they always like to try to read you but don’t know what paper you are! They say i’m your friend yeah right with them you don’t need a enemy! As long as they can throw dirt at your name it good but that don’t do nothing to help!All you are is smoke in their hands but when you cut them off they will move to the next and bring  them down you feel i’m wrong then why you say in your mind haters make you famous?


You knowthis that bad news travel faster then your good why? Forget a fake as friend he just that fake! Butwhen you get these people who only know negative oh well be ready it’s real yes they did! To all the ladies who read this if you are already struggling this sign you want to see tell me if i’m wrong?


Posted by eddie martin at 9:30 PM


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