what a mess!

Saturday, September 13, 2014
what a mess!

What a mess!

This is me and my words on life we win and we lose the name of the game but that Sucks!
Sometimes why can’t we just don’t play life silly game! I asked my self many of times why?
When you have tried all but nothing works this is what you are left with a mess! Sure you can
live in this mess but how happy is you? Events in my life forced me not to blog but when shit
hits the fan you have to vent some how. These three things make a good life {love money happiness}
and if one is not there your world is in a big mess most fool them self that i’m good I don’t need a man or woman but when you see them with their mate if its a woman who say’s she don’t need a man
tell me why the woman she with acts,looks, and carry them self as a man and if its a man the same he got a man who acts like a woman this blows me if you want a person who acts like a man than GET A DAMN MAN OR GET A WOMAN! This is a mess! But to you who disagree prove me wrong!


This is what I say! Thanks kid you hit it on the head! Where have all the loyalty gone no trust
no more do people want to be faithful we live in a world of seasons and no one now days want to
spend all four seasons with each other any more most of you who read this won’t know what i’m
talking about on this one what happen to a love that last forever? MICROWAVE LOVE is what
we have now hit it and quit it that’s all this world know now! Listen if life happen that quick no one
would grow old! so last but not lease you tell me one this one look below! peace pastorsvoice!


Posted by eddie martin at 8:42 AM


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