rasophy in G# minor

Thursday, August 14, 2014
A Rasophy in g# minor


Well been a while since we did a spit like this but when life got you by the balls you just go along until your nuts gets free so you don’t be nut-less.The one who reads this will exactly know just how I feel LETS FLOW! You see the man holding his heart just wondering WTF is going on I gave my heart and soul put all I had to mend this heart but each time I try to mend it the one who has my full attention always put knew holes in it.No loyalty no more every one is always saying no one will play me so they never give love a chance anymore no trust which is a must to heal all they do is show you how they don’t feel all they want is lust not love one night stands is highly in demand not a life time with the one you love while you sit here with your heart in your hand the one you gave all don’t even give a damn about you or your heart so where life goes from here you move to the next and what you get the same shit but a different faces now what you do? Some times life takes you down a dark road and you see yourself for what is really in side not that fake image you put on to please people!!!! Now who do you love? why they don’t show you the same thing what is this


is this you?
50 percent? people is like a microwave its say’s
it will crispy a hot pocket you either brunt or
brick dough!!! I know what is brick dough?
Well you know when you put the hot pocket
in that foil thing and the outside is hard as a
brick and the middle is still dough like yes
this is how they do you either burn the crap
out of you or show you brick dough so soft
when they want something but when they don’t
they is hard and un-caring non-loving all for themselves brick!!!! but you say this


ha ha pastorsvoice peace!!!
Posted by eddie martin at 9:58 PM


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