how low is low?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
how low is low?

miss down and out 2

Well well life is in a funk what you do get threw if life sucks and you feel like you failed in your dreams!
HOW IN THE WORLD LIFE DEALT THIS HAND? If you feel like this will pass save your words why you is just blowing smoke up my butt! Listen it’s easy to tell me I’m gonna be fine when you don’t feel my pain. All you know is how to do and say this bull right here things will work out. Wait stop how do you fix your mouth to say that? When ONE you is not me.Two how can you say when your azz is not here to feel what i’m feeling then you try to relate to me with your past. That’s why your true happiness did not last. Three if i’m hungry and tell you this is what you say I’ll pray for you WAIT WTW IS THAT? Give me some cash or buy me a plate don’t leave me and say i’ll pray for you fix that problem with action not mouth! Four Why kick me when I’m down no love no friends no life no chance to feel wanted or needed so this is a plan to solve this. All can shut the hell up and stop poring water on a drowning man! Are you ready for this spit? Ok lets flow with this! Time time the clock is ticking
feeling is clicking and you are trippin! Why? How low is low? Why would you stop this flow? Get it together and lets grow to have to hold to mold why would you be so cold? My life is at a low my mind playing with thoughts like it knows how change goes!
Ok look at this and what you say?

How can you go on when you is this low? Up you say?LOL You is so funny to think that words will replace facts this is fact the world is so dark now that the ones who had light has turn to night nothing is right but wrong is in and right is out. A lie is more easier to say but truth get in the way you will never get it why because you don’t know love all you know is lust.To love is dealing with the good and bad together in any weather with out measure treat them and say to your self if I do this would I like if they do the same and nine times out of ten you will say no!

miss down and out 3
so stop the games because school is out no more playgrounds no treats no swings just me and you growing old and dealing with things Feel me Peace Pastorsvoice

Posted by eddie martin at 9:18 PM


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