Tuesday, April 29, 2014
hard lines flows


life make you flow a flow like this
you talk to me but i don’t understand why the words we used gut like a buzzer on a dead mule on a hot summers day bones clean their words is mean straight to the point you say you i say me but that can be why I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU! can’t you hear but who’s listening most just go into their world where there’s no fear
We put up and they never shut up blasting you with words about stuff you don’t know about
How can you flow when you don’t know in me peace is when I go in myself and no body else is
allowed in because this is my way of dealing with the shit of today! You come at me with your
games but when I don’t play now it’s mess all day. Just remember I’m human too and the flow
I have is all for you most say they want some one to love them and only them but you play
these silly game that got the last one but I’m not he I’m different my days is fill with how can
I please you and what you do play your games like it’s recess at school how that’s not cool


Yes all this time you hang with me but you still don’t know how to please me you say you are there threw thick and thin but when is that going to begin at the little sign of pressure you dip like a fish in water you hide
behind your lies and tell me that what I’m not doing is not wise? Don’t judge me by what you do because I’m
not you I’m true but not you I’m here but you is over there I’m ready but you is not steady I’m understanding
But you are demanding how can this be if you can’t be free to see that YOU DON’T KNOW ME! LAST But lease all I want it peace to love someone who not that it’s not me that makes this thing so complete It’s
take two to give and get to have and to hold can I find someone who can be that bold? WOW ! HOW HARD CAN THAT BE? PEACE PASTORVOICE




Posted by eddie martin at 6:32 AM


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