ain’t that some shit?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

ain’t that some shit!

Ain’t that some shit? When you tell them you love them and they say OK. Ain’t that some shit when you thought that you lied your way out and get caught in the same shit! Karma is a dish that you don’t look for now ain’t some shit! Heck when you work all day come home and nothing is cooked but they look at you and say I didn’t cook because I didn’t have time but they been home all day WTF? See people think that they can crap on you and you suppose to like it. Pure dry screw you with no grease just dry pop you and you get no pleasure out of it! But will look at you and say why are you mad with me now think ain’t that some shit!Hey you maybe never been in shit but we look at life like we can do what we want like we run shit but our azzes is to lite for heavy work why I say that we all get hurt   one way or another but some handle shit better than others! You have some cold azz people who got hurt and now like to hurt others now ain’t that some shit!

OK my mind is strong but your  heart is weak time to adapt to the shit so all dog lovers! Watch this shit! You who have a dog tell me this if your dog shit and it dry into hard shit if you don’t stir shit up it will not smell! But see people just do shit to piss you off! Now some can take a lot of shit but again some don’t take no shit! But boldly speaking now if you haven’t notice I got you to read a lot of shit about shit wow ain’t that some shit! Now at the heart of the matter every one on this planet is after one thing and that is to live and be happy you know that shit is true!These blogs that I write might not be the shit but its right up their with the you can get but you know I do give a shit about every one this may affect because all that read is my friends now ain’t that some shit again!

P.S peace pastorsvoice 

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