same shit different day

Monday, March 17, 2014
same shit just a different day!


See this right here is a life killer “HABITS”! Good or bad these thing can make you or break you if you get your azz kicked six times a day you form a pattern of getting your azz kicked but it’s the same shit but different days ! We who let people run over us each day did not just started today we have form a pattern of not saying anything but hoping it to change! But change don’t come until we break this damn habit of letting people get away with to much shit! Some do it out of fear or love or feeling but all can crash down and make your life a living hell drugs or spirits or abuse is a habit we can break you ask how can abuse be a habit? Well when you are mistreated all your life you set your self up to not to cross them in fear of losing them or getting hit by them never can we just be free of the bulls#t that this bring! Listen a drunk won’t stop drinking until he break his habits! We have triggers that set us in motion and most don’t see the triggers! See here’s one trigger is you know that they pitch a fit when no food is done but at 4:00 o’clock each day ne-ne is calling you and by the time you are off the phone he’s home this is a habit that you don’t see if ne-ne can’t understand that at that time she don’t need to call but she still do and say “Girl This Will Only Take A Minute” don’t believe that she be home all good because she can’t keep a man or a life worth living but she know if i call she will pick up so here is your trigger ring ring the phone is your trigger! When that phone don’t ring why is food ready! Because if that trigger never be used you can break    that habit!baddate2
When you are a man whore and you have a habit of of buying kitty cat this is what you end up with a dick in your mirror! See we can’t see how bad our habits can be for good or bad! look in your life and see bet you that your cell phone has became a habit that your mate hate Why? Because you put it first and those azz holes on the other end of it that can’t just be a real friend that will tell you about your bulls#!t and still be a friend or won’t go along with your dirt but still be there for you! Last but lease take this habit on to do good to everyone but that crazy in this world now they don’t know what love is now the word yes but the action nope!See this little end is for you just read and if it fit you then deal with it a change your habits!56f04-images2528512529

Posted by eddie martin at 2:46 PM


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