let the past be the past

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
let the past be the past!

Oh boy here goes another day of getting your mind to not destroy you! See your mind is always running where it is good or bad sometimes we blow our own mind with stuff that we just need to let go. We let the things of the past destroy our future why we just will not let it go! We will take the past to our grave just because we think that to hold this over our self’s or some one else will solve it.We say to our self that at lease they won’t hurt me any more but then because we never dealt with that pain some other azz wipe comes along and do the same thing but just got a different face! How stinking is our thinking? If we don’t break the curse that have been on us because we was born in this family it will do the same as it been doing blowing all your chances of having a life that you want. See you say you don’t know me but do you know you? Who is you why all the time you never be you all you be is what you see on T.V or some one else who don’t fit you! We live by what we feel not what is needed. See man is wired to fail because the first man could have said no to the fruit but he saw it and wanted it because he never had it before and this is man biggest problem we want the things that we are told we can have why we want every thing but in the end we find out that what we want is not all ways good to have watch this you see this fine man or woman you want it so you go after it no matter how much pain the rest of the people that she or he already started to be with but you want them so you think of self and fool your self that if they was happy they would not be out here so you get them now think if they did not care about the ones they make commitment to how you think in time that what comes around don’t goes around remember this saying do unto others as you will have them do unto you! We forget that mess up shit goes both ways you put it out and low and behold it’s back at your door! We crap on the ones we love and love the ones that crap on us! Now how stinking is that thinking wish this can sink in that mind of ours so we know this A DOG NEED HIS AZZ MORE THAN ONE TIME TO TAKE A SHIT! FEEL ME ON THIS? Last but not lease stop thinking you can hit it and quit it because you are messing with some one head and now you have spread the cruse to the next set of generation of people who are not ready to piss in a bucket and just say F*# k it no cruse for me! So look at pic and tell me what’s up! peace pastorsvoice

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Posted by eddie martin at 4:19 AM


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