where is your head?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Where is your head at?

Is your head stuck in your azz all the time most people act like a azz because they think all is out to get them or this is my way of not letting no one get close to me.But when you do it just to be a azz then you are the worst kind why you show no feeling to nothing but your sorry self and if you like to be a lone or you feel like you don’t have to answer to anyone or never care how you words or action effect people well you is the one that this blog is for! To act like a dick you think you have power or large and in charge but you just don’t realize that you is one sorry azz excuse for a person and your dick-less ways make you one of the worlds biggest problems someone need to just take your sorry-azz out of your pain so all that is around you don’t hurt no more! It’s a thin line between love and hate so you break the line and just hate! But as you say that’s you ok you listen to this or just look at this picture and tell me do this fit you let’s take a look!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you see this What come to mind LOVE OR LUST? If you have feeling you think of making love if you don’t the first thing come to mind is lust this is a feeling that true dicks have all you see is hurt or how you can keep the hurt up because it give you a boost in your ego that you is in control but silly rabbit tricks is for kids grow the hell up get some true balls about your self! People hates to be around a dick but you like to give people all the dick you can so here’s a tip time to cut the dick off! last but lease here is you award for being a dick peace pastorsvoice!


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