loving some one who don’t love you

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
loving some one who don’t love you!
It’s hard to love some one who don’t love you! You try and try but they used you like a door mat! Did I say door mat yes a damn door mat! That you wipe mess off you feet with. Most will say I Love You but don’t mean it! They love what you do for them not you! Sometime your walk get hard and lonely you get to a point where you can’t believe that you fell so far when you did nothing wrong! Hoped that penicillin flow threw your veins to fight all this poison hurt strain.Off in a phase of life that just might take you in a world that don’t seems real all peace is gone is this a bad drug trip? In this push in a new stage in life you got to be ready to see that thing you think might not never happen do and the things you think to happen never do.That mess really blows you mess with your head ! Listen what ever happen to “I won’t break up a home”? This storm is a beast! It goes straight to heart,head,then body and last soul. Stay in this world because what is out there you might now want or need! But you feel so free “YES” I SAID FREE or FREEDOM! Most will disagree with me on this But hell this is me and all that would read this know how I roll! Now Listen some people cannot handle FREEDOM go ahead blow your pie hole but watch this I have the freedom to come to your house and steal your kids you life your wife sell you pain and say it is good for you how smooth is that to know this is how freedom roll!
Now you think I went there not where I’m at wrong level my level is how what is so good for us be out hardest fall!Don’t bounce when you fell the in pack of a unseen force of freedom. Man has freewill to pick from what is right or wrong why we all always pick the wrong? We been program that to prove how we can be strong but this is the deal breaker here are you ready only dicks can live with them self when they know that they is dead wrong and do nothing to make right my question is you a dick?
Posted by eddie martin at 12:46 PM


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