pain of the heart

b6cdf-heart1 now my life is on a path that I never would believe this ever would happen but it did my heart was cut out my chest and step on ! you give your life and limb for a person and what you get is a cold hearted mother who don’t give a shit about you all that you done or what love you have see I found out if you give them all of you get there azz to kiss why listen if you got nine whores and you is in the group then ten whores you got never think that a woman has love for you why how can they get all your life and then show you I don’t give a fuck what you did all I care about is my dam self!20caf-bkt2 right now no woman shall treat me like shit any more my pain is so deep it is crazy three days in a damn row I didn’t eat or sleep just cried and the tears would not stop falling yes she was my world and I loved her with all my heart so now at this time your boy will find some one who really can take this man and heal his broken heart peace pastorvoice!1519a-creep1


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