suspicious minds



Saturday, October 5, 2013

suspicious mind


Well well back at it again how long can this go on people say that to have a suspicious mind is bad but you gave it to me! I trusted you and you broke that! Now you want to get some body to come and treat you right listen a Lie is part truth so it really is not a full lie just part truth but to me that bull shit a lie is just what’s it called! Why should you give in when your mind is saying WTF? Your heart is saying go for it! But your eyes is saying don’t be fooled again and your body is saying why me? Send her or him some papers or you walk why suspicious minds come from some mess up shit that has been done to you and you just can’t trust no more! But we think we can made it pass it well listen if you think it’s a dog well guess what it is a damn dog don’t fool your self that it not why because no matter how much they say I did not do that! If they was for real in love with you then they would not have did that mess up shit like I was drunk and it just happen! How you fall for some mess like that because they did not think about you when the fun starts or when they say call me!

So you are so wrong because you put their sorry azz out NOPE NOPE NOPE kick that azz to the curb! And quit doubting your first mind why if you think that they is no good then they is not good for you and stop that bull about if I was you this what I would have done! If you was  me you will do the same thing and handle it the same way I did why because you is me and that what I would do! WOW  how plain is that!

MAYBE bad but only for the ones that get caught doing some mess up stuff! And the ones that feel like you don’t need this mind well when your heart get bust up don’t come saying how did I let this happen? Because you forgot that any one can hurt you the sweetest lady in the world can be a real heart breaker! That fine azz man that got your world rolling can bring all crashing down! People can be so un-careing and so self center!My words is this! If my mind get like this it is your fault why because if you never broke my trust then my mind will always love you but hell remember secrets is what break up a home feel me! peace pastorvoice!


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