when pain ends and healing begins



Saturday, September 28, 2013

when pain ends and healing begins



 HEY to all out there who read this blog time to address a big problem this problem is when you pour out your heart and soul in a relationship telling your self that I will be true and change heaven and hell to make this right! And all you get is hurt! Why all the wrong men say the right things but all the right men never can get the attention of a good women and if he do get her she hurts him because she has been hurt! How can we stop this pain? All the women will say it’s the no good man or some dumb shit like if you was taking care of home that would never happen. Well you be the judge and tell me what went wrong here! four women in 30years and all four broke your heart by destroying the trust you have for them woman number 1. Is up! You and this woman hit it off good all you want she want until she go to see mother and mother tells you to your face that as long as she come to my house there will always be another man here for her to see no matter how hard you work to get them the best that you have they still break your heart and you go to her mother’s house and low and behold there’s another man there! Woman number two you put rings on all fingers you put her in her own house you tell her if she wants to she can work each pay day you bring your whole check home and put it in her hands and what she do take your money and buy another man hotdogs at softball game buy him shoes with your money and you tell your self this stupid shit that she will change but all you get is more pain!

Woman three this one you and her did all together until you wanted better for the family now she steals all your money and smoke it up in crack! Steals you car and get it totally lost because she change the tag on back of car and get it taken by police and stay away for three months in a row but crazy you take her crack smoking azz back hoping it will change just a dream shit don’t happen that way! Now back to the last woman! Woman number four! Never worked one day in 16 years all the best that you can afford never had to worry about nothing now you move and she gets a job never smoke weed before but now she smokes never drank a drank in 16 years but now she dranks never stay out but now she do hell how the hell can we as a good men deal with this shit when we can trust the one thing that at one time valued them self but now act just like the no good man that all talks so much shit about! When you figure this out holla back at your boy peace pastorsvoice!


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