Sunday, September 22, 2013



MOST people think that having some one on the side is cool. But how cool is the one who is creeping when he or she is destroying many life’s and all they feel is hell got what I want and damn who it hurt now don’t get me wrong I don’t blame the person who the creeper is with. Why? If that sorry azz person will do right he or she would not have there azz out there in the first place! People was taught always keep one on the side did anyone notice that the one who told you that bull shit never keep any one? Trust is the glue that keep relationships together not sex heck we know people who had sex one minute and leave each other the next! 

INTEGRITY IS what the creeper don’t have why to creep is to think only how much you will have fun not how it look or how much pain and hurt you bring and all you say is this stupid azz phase “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you!” If the table was turn you will tell the world how it was wrong! But because it was you doing it now the shit hits the fan! Now you look for people to just take your trust breaker and go on! Hell naw don’t give them the freedom to boast how good of person you are when that should have been said before you took you sorry azz out there and creep! Don’t come with this mistake shit why closing your hand in a door that’s a mistake ! Hit a ball threw a window that a mistake ! Putting your bird or opening up your cat is not a mistake! That getting your groove on and trust me you knew what you was in for! No no break for you azz all you get is good bye! If you like to creep why would you get into a relationship? Just bang what you want to stay single and do what single people do. Hunt for the booty yes get on the prowl so if you get aids then only you will have it and the one who gave it to you! But no! You try to make good people play Russian rule-let but for me hell I don’t like to play games like that hell I love me some ME and nope nope nope Me is fine and guess what you is not mine because you waste to much time being blind by all that creeping behind shit! My gain hell your lost! peace pastorvoice! Feel me?



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